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Here are maps about Cambodia. Click on the image or link to view the Cambodian map in full-size and hit the back button in your browser to return to the Cambodia map main page. If you have a Cambodia map you would like to share, please contact us.


High resolution maps of Cambodia - Click map or link for full size

map of CambodiaA nice, clear, map of Cambodia with all the major cities that you can save to your phone, ipad, or computer.

Link: Cambodia map
Country: Cambodia
Size: 1181 × 927

Map of CambodiaA big map of Cambodia with more city detail. More detail of the rivers and more detail of the main roads in Cambodia.

Link: Map of Cambodia
Country: Cambodia
Size: 1412 × 1094

Map CambodiaAn absolutely huge map of Cambodia that highlights all the major highways to the big cities of Cambodia.

Link: Map Cambodia
Country: Cambodia
Size: 2000 x 1667

Cambodia province mapThis map details the provinces of Cambodia. A good map, but be careful because ezilon maps spell words differently.

Link: Cambodia province map
Country: Cambodia
Size: 1412 x 985

Cambodia tourist mapA concise tourist map of Cambodia with international and domestic airports and all the main attractions of Cambodia.

Link: Cambodia tourist map
Country: Cambodia
Size:1418 x 1133