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Here are maps about Kep, Cambodia. Click on the image or link to view the Cambodian map in full-size and hit the back button in your browser to return to the Kep map main page. If you have a Kep map you would like to share, please contact us.


High resolution maps of Kep - Click map or link for full size

map of kampotA huge map of Kep. Detailing many restaurants, hotels, shops, hospitals, police station and the Kep market.

Link: Kep map
Country: Cambodia
City: Kep
Size: 1500 × 2142

Downtown map of KepThis Kep map shows the most popular hotels, a good layout of the roads, but has no names for the streets in Kep.

Link: Kep downtown map
Country: Cambodia
City: Kep
Size: 1500 × 1580

Kep beach mapAnother good Kep with lots of detail. It's small than the other Kep maps so this map is ideal to view on a phone.

Link: Kep beach map
Country: Cambodia
City: Kep
Size: 800 × 1156